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Rotwand Zurich presents Three Artists Dealing With Existential Issues at Artissima 2015

11 November 2015 Journal News

Zurich’s Rotwand Gallery presents a total of three artists at this year’s Artissima in Turin, with a beautifully looking booth which got a lot of attention. Directed by Sabina Kohler and Bettina Meier-Bickel, these talented individuals all deal with different forms of existential crisis. William Hunt also performed at the Per4M section of the fair, and his performance also included drones!

A Matter of Existence at Rotwand’s Artissima Booth

William Hunt, Luc Mattenberger and Constantin Luser are presenting an array of mediums, including sculpture, collage photography and drawings. Luc Mattenberger is posing some political, straightforward questions, very formal yet through-provoking, while Constantin Luser’s installations and drawings interact with each other in ways that really impressed us – his wire sculptures do really look like live drawings hanging in three-dimensional space!

Take a listen to the interesting conversation our editor Ana B.K. had with Sabina from Rotwand about their show!

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