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Artissima Tips: Torino seen through the eyes of Christian Greco

27 September 2019 Journal News

Artissima Tips: Torino seen through the eyes of a group of personalities from its cultural milieu!

Today we meet Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum. Read his tips and discover a new take on the city, thanks to Le Strade di Torino pics!

The place in Torino that inspires you most?

Monte dei Cappuccini: from up there, you can admire Torino and its complete character, the winding Po River, the buildings and churches, the regular layout of the streets, all embraced by the Alps.

The most special work in your museum?

Indubitably the TT8, or the Tomb of Kha, the only complete burial setting of the New Kingdom outside of Egypt, with the objects that were to accompany the architect Kha and his wife Merit into the afterworld.

Torino is famous for its cafes. Which one is your favorite?

I should first say that I love coffee, and I consume a lot of it. The museum is “surrounded” by the most famous cafes, and I am not a habitué of any one in particular, with the exception of our in-house cafe, of course.

The excellent thing about Torino you would not want to do without?

Instinctively, I’d say gianduiotti, confessing my passion for chocolate. But then Barolo Chinato also comes to mind, to go with the chocolate, so allow me to take the liberty of saying that both of these local delights are indispensable.


Credits photo @Fabio Rovere 2019

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