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MADE IN: artist’s residencies are ready to start

6 April 2023 Journal News

Artissima and Camera di commercio di Torino announce the four young artists who are the winners of the residency project MADE IN, based on a shared desire to activate a dialogue between contemporary art and the lively local business community.

The young artists, selected through a call, have the opportunity to take part in a residency with four contexts of entrepreneurial excellence – Carioca S.p.A, Mattioli S.p.A, Pattern Group and Prima Industrie S.p.A – and to interact with an equal number of contemporary art galleries based in Turin, acting as patrons of the project: Norma Mangione (Torino), Mazzoleni (Torino – London), Franco Noero (Torino) and Peola Simondi (Torino). The project is coordinated by Sonia Belfiore, founder of Ultravioletto Arte + Impresa.

The four artists winners are: Mara Callegaro (Varese, 1994), Nicola Ghirardelli (Como, 1994), Daniele Di Girolamo (Pescara, 1995) and Andrea Di Lorenzo (Varese, 1994). The residency offered by the project permits production of a new work, which remains the property of the artist, based on the impressions and influence of the technological and operative know-how of the companies involved.

The key idea of the project is that business expertise and specialized production processes can become resources for the production of original artworks reflecting the contamination between different worlds. The interaction with the “patron” galleries will offer an opportunity for the four rising talents to also come to terms with the business aspects of the art world.

The time spent by the winning artists inside the company will be of variable length, depending on the requirements of the project, and will conclude by the end of the month of June. Artissima, thanks to the support of Camera di commercio di Torino, provides each selected artist with a budget of 5.500 euros set aside for the production of the work and hospitality. During their stay, the artists will live inside the spaces and atmosphere of Combo, an innovative hospitality format and long-term partner of Artissima.

The four winning artists have been selected through a call extended to leading public and private schools of fine arts, and Italian universities, as the result of careful analysis conducted by the Committee of MADE IN, chaired by Luigi Fassi, director of Artissima, and composed of representatives of the four Turin-based galleries acting as “patrons” of the project, and Sonia Belfiore, coordinator of the project.

Mara Callegaro in dialogue with Carioca
Mara Callegaro establishes a dialogue with Carioca S.p.A to reflect on the concept of play and creativity, suggesting a child-like atmosphere, and on social dynamics. Nonchalantly shifting across various media, the artist’s research will focus on the study of inks and automated production lines, which Callegaro will reinterpret in a poetic way as gestures capable of granting time itself a simultaneous presence of various viewpoints, lightness and participation. The various components of the products of Carioca will be the protagonists of a work that takes its cue from the most typical production of the company, reaching the point of narrating the complexity and variety of imagination.

Nicola Ghirardelli in dialogue with Mattioli
Nicola Ghirardelli will work with Mattioli S.p.A. His works reflect on a grammar made of signs organized in an archive, mixed and conveyed through research on form and material that seeks the encounter and overlapping of complementary and distant elements. With an ecological outlook, the artist sets out to create artefacts that combine in a new ecosystem made of cultural, artificial and natural elements, such as those of the company, attempting to combine them through technical research that focuses on traditional practices, deconstructing and mixing artisanal know-how and personal experimentation.

Daniele Di Girolamo in dialogue with Pattern Group
Daniele Di Girolamo, in dialogue with Pattern Group, examines the memory of a material. His research questions the relationships of belonging between people and objects, and the way past relationships can continue to resonate in and shape the present. Together with the company, he will explore how a body is transformed by the traces of other bodies and other elements, altering it into what is perceived by our gaze.

Andrea Di Lorenzo in dialogue with Prima Industrie
Andrea Di Lorenzo will work with Prima Industrie S.p.A to delve into reflections on the bond between the materials of Turin-based foundries, and the surrounding tools, spaces of work and landscapes. The research is based on the relationship in the Turin area between a wide landscape, composed of cultivated fields, wild areas and the constantly surrounding mountains, and an industrial substrate that defines the city of Turin over time, often involving the processing of metals. The artist sets out to investigate the wide-ranging possibilities of workmanship with materials in tune with the company’s systems of automated production.

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