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Artissima 2020: the new visual identity

23 September 2020 Journal News

Artissima presents its new visual identity, based on the concept of Frenetic Stasis, the theme of this 27 th edition. In keeping with its experimental and innovative attitude, the most contemporary art fair in Italy once again investigates an extremely timely concept, exploring its repercussions on the art world and stimulating viewers to make wide-ranging, crucial reflections. Frenetic Stasis links back to a term from the philosophical-political sphere that indicates a way of thinking and acting involving rapid decision-making processes, which nevertheless often translate into scarcely incisive changes. The idea of acceleration as opposed to inertia, and therefore a necessary alteration of our paradigms, is a way of urging us to seek possible responses to the crisis of our complex times. Responses that could and should also be suggested by a profound, pondered cultural and social evolution channelled by art, which has always borne witness to past histories and civilizations, while acting as a catalyst for the most innovative visions.



The new coordinated image of Artissima 2020, designed by the studio Fionda directed by Roberto Maria Clemente, has been developed around this concept. In an atmosphere of apparent suspension, also in terms of time, natural and urban settings alternate, populated by presences and absences, apparitions and disappearances that suggest accelerations and sudden slowdowns. The coloured frames based on object detection and digital recognition techniques bear the names of persons and everyday actions, as in a continuing attempt at identification. What is happening? When did it happen? Who are Silvia, Marc, Adele? And, in its interpretation, how credible is the machine? Questions that require responses, and invite you to experience Artissima and the contemporary art that is its focus, as a space always ready for new exploration and discovery.

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