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Artissima Tips: Torino seen through the eyes of Sergio Ricciardone

11 October 2019 Journal News

Artissima Tips: Torino seen through the eyes of a group of personalities from its cultural milieu!

Today we meet Sergio Ricciardone, director of Club To Club. Read his tips and discover a new take on the city, thanks to Le Strade di Torino pics!

The most inspiring place in Torino?

Walking in airplane mode on the riverfront, Lungo Po Antonelli at dusk.

The song that best describes Torino?

Definitely Disco Labirinto by Subsonica. Lovely.

Your go-to club in Torino?

OGR when it becomes OGR SoundSystem.

The excellent feature of Torino you cannot do without?

The Juventus football team, when they play well.


Credits photo: @Fabio Rovere 2019

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