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Artissima Rewind

31 January 2023 Journal News

#ArtissimaRewind is back online with a new season, as the programme provided by the fair for exploration of the last edition, in the run-up to the following year.

All the virtual appointments, for a variegated programme of digital contents from which to choose: from videos to podcasts, guided tours to recommended itineraries, online platforms to narrations of projects with our partners. Every week, every month until summer, Artissima is here for you, to reinterpret and relive the emotions and discoveries that have always been key factors in the fair’s identity and vision.


Every Wednesday from 1 February to 1 March, don’t miss the appointment with a different episode of Walkie Talkies On Demand by IRM Indagini Ricerche Mediche. Excellent videos present pairs of international curators and collectors, conversing their way through the stands and the works of the fair in 2022.

1 February Arturo Galansino, director general of Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi & Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, president, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo • 8 February Stella Bottai, curator at large, Aspen Art Museum and co-curator, Pompeii Commitment & Daniel Malarkey, collector • 15 February Julie Boukobza, independent curator, Paris and director, Luma Arles Residency Program & Martin Hatebur, collector and president, Kunsthalle Basel • 22 February Sara Dolfi Agostini, curator, Paul Thorel Foundation e Blitz Valletta & Massimo Orsini, CEO, Mutina • 1 March Krist Gruijthuijsen, director, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin & Axel e Barbara Haubrok, collectors

WHERE? On the social network channels @ArtissimaFair and the videogallery


Every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of March the 35 artists and gallerists of the 3 curated sections of Artissima 2022 – Disegni, Present Future, Back to the Future – tell their stories in exclusive video interviews produced by the editorial team Treti Galaxie (Matteo Mottin and Ramona Ponzini) + Like Usual with Fionda to enliven the platform Artissima Voice Over powered by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

WHERE? On the Instagram channel @ArtissimaFair and the videogallery


In March, on Mondays, get connected on our social networks from your computer or smartphone to re-experience the fair in 2022, listening ito the AudioGuides by Lauretana, powered by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. You can enjoy our exclusive podcasts produced by the professional mediators of Arteco, covering very timely themes and keys of interpretation.

To be fair A survey of current research in the field of art on an international level, permitting discovery of the fair with its various sections • Mind the gap A voyage through the representation of gender diversity and orientation, addressing the conflicts between freedom of expression and systematic discrimination • Decolonise ourselves An itinerary on the post-colonial condition, the repression and exploitation of minorities, and the arduous path of cultural decolonialization • Pictures never die Reflections on the eternal return of the image and its power, through the practice of artists who link back to the works and icons of the past • Transformaterial A survey on the transformative potential of the objects, from discard to reuse, in relation to the consumer system and environmental sustainability • AllAroundTheWord You can make art by using only the alphabet! Let’s discover the artists who have decided to use letters and words to create forms and to send messages

WHERE? On the social network channels of @ArtissimaFair and on


In April you can sign up for the webinars the fair will organize with outstanding professionals from the world of contemporary art, discovering the platform Artissima Voice Over, which will also remain online for exploration through the Recommended Tours: selections of works chosen by leading personalities of the international art scene, like Stefano Collicelli CagolAlessandra PrandinLorenzo GiustiLiv Cuniberti, Valérie Da CostaIlaria BonacossaFrancesco StocchiCaterina Riva, also joined by Chiara Costa, Chiara Gatti, Simone Frangi, just to name a few.

WHERE? On the social network channels @ArtissimaFair and the platform


Until the closure of the Applications for 2023, the Online Catalogue of Artissima 2022 will remain open to visitors, where you can explore the galleries, artists and works in an interactive way, and look back on the creations that impressed you most, while continuing to discover and investigate the most experimental trends of the international contemporary art system.


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