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The Temporality of Life With Isabelle Andriessen And Pieter Dobbelsteen at Cinnamon Gallery Booth

9 November 2015 Journal News

It’s alive! You know that old saying that art is imitating life? And all those discussions on how life is dynamic, ever-changing, full of movement, while art is complete object, fixed, not dynamic, it can’t follow the life, always remains the same, and that could make it more redundant after some time, and yadda yadda yadda… Remember those? Well, WRONG! Isabelle Andriessen’s sculpture, named THE MESH – strange strangers between life and non-life, IS life, it grows, it changes, it is unpredictable (to some extent), and it is something that you would have never expected to see at an art fair.

Between Life and Non-Life

Isabelle Andriessen’s work has been presented at Cinnnamon Gallery Booth at Artissima 2015, as a part of New Entries section. Our senior editor Bojan was on the spot, and he spoke both with the artist, and with Cinnnamon’s gallerist Pieter Dobbelsteen. Pieter told him that visitors just love Isabelle’s installation (and what’s not to love – we love it, too), because it is something quite different from anything that Artissima is offering this year: “It’s alive, and that really drive people to the booth”, Pieter Dobbelsteen said, adding that there were even some inquiries for the price of this piece – “That was surprising to me, because this is a work that would be extremely hard to sell, since this is a high maintenance work”, said Pieter.

Ricardo Martinez

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