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Artissima Junior Online Special Edition

27 April 2020 Journal News

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Artissima and Juventus continue to invent new contexts and educational opportunities, and now present a special online edition of Artissima Junior, the project based on the desire to involve young visitors to the fair in the discovery of the world of art. An unprecedented initiative hosted at the Artissima website that will continue for two weeks, with the aim of offering new stimuli to kids, helping them to learn about contemporary art even in the present, complicated situation. An invitation to develop creativity as a form of freedom, to approach the new present through metaphorical voyages outside the walls of the home.

Thanks to Diego Perrone (Asti, 1970) – the new artist-tutor fascinated by constant experimentation through different expressive media – Artissima Junior moves forward by inviting young art lovers to become part of a special team of artists and to create unconventional works. Their creations will become fragments of a collective virtual project, shared at a distance and inspired by YOUR ICON, the initiative organized by Juventus to encourage fans to reinterpret the team’s logo in the most original way possible. The ICON of Artissima Junior will have the feature of being the single result of the teamwork of all the participating children.

The artist will invite the young participants to think about the relationship between identity and team, through portraiture. An identity seen as the set of personal, characteristic traits that make each of us unique and permit every team, as the sum of its single members, to be unrepeatable, exceptional, never identical to any other. The youngsters will approach this theme through various artistic activities, venturing into the practice of the portrait and coming to terms with the format of picture cards, which represent the unique personality of each player.

Connecting to the Artissima website, on a variable schedule the kids will find special letters from the artist, guiding them in the creation of performances and drawings they can then share with others online. They will thus discover the sense of freedom that lies in artistic production; starting with simple rules, they can activate the imagination in a creative way, transforming their works into a shared conceptual project.

Because sharing ideas, thoughts and creativity makes everyone part of a team capable of tackling new challenges.

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