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Italian art won’t stop

17 March 2020 Journal News

In these difficult days for Italy and the world of culture Artissima launches a virtual initiative to contribute to art’s mission – which never stops, not even in this situation – transcending physical barriers to continue to tell its story, proposing and transmitting new, positive content in the digital sphere.

/ge·ne·a·lo·gì·a/ is a project that will exist on Instagram disclosing Italian contemporary art’s behind the scenes . A story began just for fun, made of close relationships and distant gazes, inspiration and admiration.

Starting tomorrow, every day one artist who took part in Artissima 2017 in the “Deposito d’Arte Italiana Presente” (curated by Vittoria Martini and Ilaria Bonacossa) will name an ideal ancestor and a descendent, selected from the world of Italian art, to create an intimate, personal “family tree”.

During these days of lockdown in which artists continue to create, starting from real works a virtual history develops. From a physical “deposit”  to a digital “database”, open to all and remaining to bear witness to this period in which we are forced to redefine our paradigms, with the goal of envisioning a sustainable future.

Stay tuned:/ge·ne·a·lo·gì·a/ is coming!

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