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Photographs, Sculpture and a Second Chance Presented by Chert Gallery at Artissima 2015

8 November 2015 Journal News

Chert Gallery from Berlin decided to go at Artissima 2015 with a group presentation of three young artists – David Horvitz, Carla Scott Fullerton and Vanessa Safavi. But that’s only one part of Chert’s booth at Artissima. The other part of their booth belongs to another young artist, Kasia Fudakowski and her Sexistinnen (Second Chance).


Banned from Wikipedia

But, let us first see what was David Horvitz photographs all about, and why they were banned from Wikipedia. For years, David Horvitz had been crossing over from public beaches to private property, and then taking pictures of himself, looking at the horizon. He had been uploading those photographs on Wikipedia, connecting them with relating locations. But, after 80 or so photographs that David Horvitz uploaded on Wikipedia, the biggest online encyclopedia banned him, and removed all the photographs, because of breaking the Wikipedia’s rules. David Horvitz (1982) is an American artist, who lives in Brooklyn. He called this exhibition Private Access.

Carla Scott Fullerton (1980, Scotland) presented herself at Chert Gallery booth with one sculpture. This is a screen sculpture, made by the remains of old screen prints, that have been used for many prints and then thrown away. Carla put several pieces of those used screen prints together, and supported them by construction bricks.


Ricardo Martinez

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