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5 November 2016 #ArtissimaLive

To see performance get as much space at grand art fairs as some other, more popular artistic genres like painting and sculpture is truly a rare sight. It is often underrated, meant for certain gallery spaces only, even though its artists are incredible talented and full of potential. It was a pleasure to find out that Artissima recognized this very potential two years ago, when it introduced the Per4msection in its already versatile program, giving this art form the attention it deserves. At the 2016 edition of the event, the second in a row, Dutch collective If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of Your Revolution was invited to curate the sector, providing the visitors with a total of seven performances taking place inside and out of the Oval Lingotto venue.

The Importance of Performance
Indeed, Per4m represents the first ever section of an international art fair devoted exclusively to performance art, providing an ample stage to those who wish to express themselves through an artistic and commercial showcase. This year, we can expect a project carefully curated to explore the transformation of performance and its typologies in the context of contemporary art, developed by the eclectic duo from the Netherlands. If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of Your Revolution, composed of Frédérique Bergholtz and Susan Gibb, gave life to a program created specifically for the fair, which will feature three Italian and four international artists. The viewers will be invited to actively participate in the creation of the pieces, from impromptu actions to group choreographies and durational pieces.




If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution – Frederique Bergholtz and Susan Gibb, Per4m. Photo Maria Barlasov

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