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#ArtissimaLive. Artdependence in Artissima, 2015

29 October 2015 Journal News

Artdependence Magazine is pleased to announce its participation in this year’s Artissima, the International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin. The 22nd edition of the fair takes place November 5th to 8th, with over two-hundred galleries distributed over 20,000 square meters of exhibition space.

Under the continued direction of Sarah Cosulich Canarutto, this year’s Artissima includes the appearance of several new projects – such In Mostra, the exhibition within the exhibition – and the reappearance of other initiatives – such as the Walkie Talkies, a series of informal conversations taking place throughout the exhibition space. This year’s Walkie Talkies will feature curators in discussion with international collectors, as part of the fair’s effort to frame the role of collecting as a driving force of artistic research.

Since 2012, the Artissima program includes Con/TEXT, a section dedicated to the written word. In this section, visitors can discover new ‘food for thought’ by engaging in conversation and browsing through the various books, catalogues, and other reading materials. Starting this year, Con/TEXT will host the Artissima Live Space – a place where online publications can enter into dialogue.  Artdependence Magazine will be present in Artissima’s Live Space, extending the discussion from the ground to online, and forming a part of these collaborative efforts to encourage the flow of ideas.

We look forward to our participation in November!

Artissima in the Oval, a glass pavilion in the former industrial complex of the Lingotto



(Announcing: Artdependence in Artissima, 2015), Ardependance
Maria Martens Serrano

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