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The Inclination of the In Mostra Project show the best of Piedmont Art Institutions

12 November 2015 Journal News

Inclinazioni, or Inclinations in English, was the name of the the exhibition curated by Stefano Collicelli Cagol and conceived for the In Mostra project at the 2015 Artissima art fair in Turin, Italy. But this show is not like any other – rather, it is a thematic exhibition exploring the very concept of “inclinations”, inspired by famous Italian philosopher Adriana Cavarero and her book Inclination. All the pieces within it came straight from the extensive art collections owned by museums, institutions and contemporary art associations located in the region of Piedmont, and were not for sale. Taking up as much as 700 square meters of the venue, the exhibition proposed a seemingly random order of artworks which, however, is related to the grid urban structure of the hosting city – Turin.

In Mostra at Artissima 2015

Through a variety of mediums, sizes, materials, points of view and scopes, the In Mostra artworks tackle the topic of Inclination through its various acceptations: from its connection with sexual proclivities to personal and collective interests. Standing in contrast to the fair’s commercial purposes, it represents a pure show-off of some of the iconic works presented by Piedmont’s prominent art institutions and museums. Representing many art movements, from abstraction to realism in both photography and painting, figurative drawing, pop art and much more, these pieces are taken from their “natural” habitat within their respective venues and put together to create an intriguing interconnections as part of the Inclinazioni exhibition.

Angie Kordic

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