Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

Basketball championship for banking teams, Milan

Photograph by Elle2
© Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archives, photography section

Ca’ de sass was the magazine published by Cariplo from the 1960s, in which corporate news was accompanied by travel reports, poems, coverage of sports and culture. In issue no. 54 in July/September 1977, a small article reported on the results achieved by the Cariplo basketball team, while making more general observations about the spread of that sport. The author points out, for example, that the championship was almost entirely organized in the provinces, where there were more playing facilities and there seemed to be more interest in this sport. The piece then lists the national periodicals that covered the competition, boasting of the fact that some of the games were broadcast live on television by private local stations. Basketball was becoming more popular, and the bank’s intention for the coming season was to reinforce the youth programme, while creating a women’s team as well.

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