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22 October 2015 KETCHUP DROOL

Robin Kinross
The Serving Library
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In my case, the search for the right clothing has not really been a matter of fashion, but more a quest for the real thing: the long-lasting epitome. Once you’ve found this kind of garment, you just re-order, hoping that the suppliers continue to supply and are not lost in closures and incorpora­tions. In this perspective I can see the point of the Savile Row suit or the English gentleman’s fishing outfit, though in fact neither model draws me. The look I wanted, emerging into clothes consciousness as a sixteen-year old, was Ivy League, but as worn by my jazz heroes rather than by the inhabitants of Princeton, New Jersey


Kathy Acker

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I have now been bodybuilding for ten years, seriously for almost five years.

During the past few years, I have been trying to write about body­building.

Having failed time and time again, upon being offered the opportunity to write this essay, I made the following plan: I would attend the gym as usual. Immediately after each workout, I would describe all I had just experienced, thought and done. Such diary descriptions would provide
the raw material.

Christopher Williams
The Production Line of Happiness at MoMA, 2014

Marianne Wex
Let’s Take Back Our Space, 1979
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Bernadette Corporation with Alexander Huseby
BC Lifestile, 2012/2014
Park Mc Arthur
Ramps (checklist)
Essex St, NY, 2014

There are ramps on display at ESSEX STREET. These ramps, which provide a way other than stairs for reaching interiors that sit above street level are made of laminated chipboard, aluminum, a cabinet door, plywood, steel, two by fours and other objects intended and not for this purpose. All are portable and some, particularly the commercially produced models, fold up with hinges to create a more compact moveable object. The majority of the ramps are from galleries, exhibition spaces, residencies, schools and studio programs. They were all built or purchased between the years 2010 and 2013, primarily for use by Park McArthur. A sign has been made and distributed to each of the lending organizations to be put on view during the exhibition.1 Five blank variations of those signs are also included in the exhibition. While the ramps’ presence at ESSEX STREET is unavoidable, their absence from their initially intended sites conforms to the general absence of access at every other cultural and physical institution we attend. The exhibition continues with a vinyl wall text that takes you to a Wikipedia page created by McArthur for Marta Russell, activist and author of the 1998 book Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract. Russell, who died on December 16th, 2013, was one of the many disability activists who knew the fetish of structural access can ignore larger questions of social justice. To think access is to think healthcare and affordability, language and translation, documentation and identity, social convention and code.


Henry Dreyfuss Associates
Wheelchair users. Handicapped and Elderly

MIT Press, 1974


Ketchup Drool: An Alphabetical Countdown to Artissima 2015
Ketchup Drool: Un conto alla rovescia alfabetico ad Artissima 2015
by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti

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