Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

Artissima 2001

15-18 November
Torino Esposizioni

Director: Roberto Casiraghi
Visitors: 30,000
Galleries: 137 from 13 countries

Change of location: Torino Esposizioni.

Change of month: November, which would become the month of contemporary culture, thanks to the programme “Novembre Arte Contemporanea”.

Change of name: “International Fair of Contemporary Art in Torino”, thanks to the official recognition of an international role granted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For the first time, the fair welcomed exhibitors from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Japan and Sweden.

The support of local players expanded with the contributions of two bank foundations, the Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT, and the support of illycaffè, partner of the initiative and sponsor of the Premio illy Present Future, still assigned today to a young artist participating in the Present Future section of the fair.

Present Future”, organised with the aim of making ARTissima the exclusive place in which to discover the rising stars of tomorrow, met with remarkable success and was then repeated in subsequent editions of the fair, becoming one of the mainstay sections of ARTissima.

Among the collateral events of ARTissima 8, we should mention “Videolab”, a special section for artists working with the medium of video.

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