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Giorgio Galotti Introduces Ettore Favini At New Entries at Artissima 2015

8 November 2015 Journal News

Giorgio Galotti Gallery is exhibiting works at Artissima for the first time – thus their appearance at New Entries section at this art fair. The owner, Giorgio Galotti himself, is exhibiting only two artworks at his booth, both works by a young Italian artist Ettore Favini.

Giorgio Galotti talked with our Ana B.K. about Ettore Favini’s art, but also about the concept of his booth, that is so different than what we used to see in other galleries’ booths.

Colonization as a Motif

Ettore Favini, a young artist from Cremona is actually presenting a preview of what will visitors see at exhibitions of his works at two museums in two Italian towns – in Genova and Nuoro. These two towns are separated and connected with sea, and works by Favini are reflections on Mediteranian sea, and relations of people that live in those towns.

Also, the two artworks that are exhibited at Giorgio Galotti booth are made with two different fabrics – one is from the Western part of the world, and the other has origin from the Southern part of the world – Africa. But, this African fabric is also made in the Western world, in the UK and Netherlands, as a symbol of colonization.

So, hear this interesting interview with Giorgio Galotti, and stay tuned for more live information from Artissima 2015!

Ricardo Martinez

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