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13 October 2015 KETCHUP DROOL
Isabelle Andriessen
The Mesh – Strange strangers between life and non-life, 2015

Mental COSOPHY will lead us to reinvent the relation of the subject to the body, to phantasm, to the passage of time, to the ‘mysteries’ of life and death. It will lead us to search for antidotes to mass-media and telematic standardization, the conformism of fashion, the manipulation of opinion by advertising, surveys, etc.Its ways of operating will be more like those of an artist, rather than of professional psychiatrists who are always haunted by an outmoded ideal of scientificity. […]
[…] Nothing in these domains is played out in the name of history, in the name of infrastructural determinisms! Barbaric implosion cannot be entirely ruled out. And, for want of such an ecosophical revival (or whatever we wish to call it), for want of a rearticulation of the t}ree fundamental types of ecology, we can unfortunately predict the rise of all kinds of danger: racism, religious fanaticism, nationalitary schisms that suddenly flip into reactionary closure, the exploitation of child labour, the oppression of women

Veronique Boudier
Welcome stranger, 2010
Hollowstone from Jura, plaster, gold leafs, silicone soft-tongues, calf-skin

The Interdependence Theorem

Axiom 1. Things are only what they are in relation to other things
Axiom 2. Things derive from other things

1. Life forms constitute a mesh that is infinite and beyond concept – unthinkable as such
2. Tracing the origins of life to a moment prior to life will result in paradoxes
3. Drawing distinctions between life and non-life is strictly impossible, yet unavoidable
4. Differentiating between one species and another is never absolute
5. There is no ‘outside’ of the system of life forms
6. The Interdependence Theorem is part of the system of interdependence and thus subject to deconstruction!
7. Since we cannot know in advance what the effect of the system will be, all life forms are theorizable as strange strangers.

What does ecological interdependence really mean?

Timothy Morton
The Ecological Thought, 2010
Harvard University Press
Full text in pdf

Félix Guattari
The Three Ecologies, 1989
The Athlone Press
Full text in pdf

Isabelle Andriessen
The Mesh
Strange strangers between life and non-life, 
Are plants as dumb as they seem?
Botanist Paul Sokoloff at Canadian Museum of Nature:
Plant Intelligence – Rethinking Thinking
Ketchup Drool: An Alphabetical Countdown to Artissima 2015
Ketchup Drool: Un conto alla rovescia alfabetico ad Artissima 2015
by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti

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