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Contemplating the spiritual with Nate Young and Monique Meloche at Artissima 2015

7 November 2015 Journal News

Artissima art fair is in full swing and there’s a lot of art to see and artist to talk to. We’re bringing you a part of the atmosphere once again in an interview with the amazing new artist Nate Young and gallery owner Monique Meloche. Neith Young’s handmade sculptures and wall-mounted wooden pieces exhibited at Monique Meloche gallery’s Artissima boot have captured the attention of curators and visitors alike. Both art professionals were kind enough to introduce their work and share their expectation in a conversation with our senior editor Ana B.K.


Monique Meloche Gallery Introduces Nate Young to European Audience

Nate Young was invited to feature his work at the Artissima 2015 fair, which will be his introduction to the European audience and his first show outside the U.S. In his works the talented artist represented by  Monique Meloche gallery, is primarily concerned with language, or more precisely the absence of language. Nate Young’s metaphysical paper and wooden based works are dealing with deconstructing authority through the structure of words. That’s why his works are not about the words themselves but rather about their true meaning. There’s something very spiritual about his work, as the artist combines diagrams from his fathers theological teachings and philosophy of Ferdinand de Saussure with a more theoretical side of art. Neith Young creates every artwork himself by rubbing and sanding the wooden surface till it reaches the desired form. In the interview bellow, the artist talks about the influence of religion to his art, the significance of spirituality in art and why he likes to use oak wood when carving his moving sculptures.


Amy Lin


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