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#ArtissimaLive. Present Future Special_issue#1

2 November 2015 Journal News

We are starting our special editorials about the Present Future section of Artissima 2015. We chose to talk about the youngest artists of the fair, representing them through their statement and the works they are going to show in Torino. Follow us and the hashtag #ArtissimaLive!

Ingrid Luche, Flying (after TD), 2012/13, dyptich, inkjet print on paper, colour pencil, nail varnish, wood frame, 59 x 42 cm ; 73 x 53 x 3 cm, Unique © Photo Marc Domage, Courtesy of the artist and Air de Paris, Paris.

Ingrid Luche, presented by Air De Paris

In some cases Ingrid Luche’s works take their inspiration directly from the exhibition context. Sometimes making play with persistence of vision relating to places she has known or simply fantasised, her intriguing pieces endlessly challenge our spatial perceptions, notably by generating a kind of intermediate time frame: a no longer extant present, a déjà vu future.

Below a text regarding Ingrid Luche’s project for Artissima wrote by Fatima Hellberg for the catalogue of the fair.

Tension (and its release) is a central currency in the work of Ingrid Luche. Anomalie temporelle, Amnésie temporaire is a suspended cape and drooping screen dividing the space in two, and a reflection on folded, looped and reversed time and space.

This soft partition is layered with a pattern of images, connected with the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 flight and NASA’s Curiosity, the car-sized rover exploring the Gale crater on Mars. The two-sided surface is plotted with news-feed snaps and digital images: frag- mentary in nature – grainy, circulated representations of deep-sea debris and red planet vistas – remote to the point of abstraction. As a document, Anomalie temporelle, Amnésie temporaire returns to the material and conceptual remit of the loop, a connection between an interior and exterior that folds in on itself.


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