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20 October 2015 Journal News

#ArtissimaLive is something absolutely new in the context of an art fair. The project started with the aim to provide visibility and attention towards web platforms and online magazines, entities in constant growth and development just as communication in all areas is moving more and more towards the digital promotion.

Focusing on a digital journalistic area is a way to give expression to new ways of communication related to the net: ability to synthesize information, quickness and connections are the main features that characterize the contents of the platforms invited to share with the public – both real and virtual – a different way to tell, show and understand contemporary art. #ArtissimaLive is to be intended as a real “live” newsroom, where all the online magazines will dialogue and collaborate for the creation of contents over the weekend of the fair. Conceived as a “working station”, the area devoted to new media can be used for interviews with dealers, curators and artists involved in the fair.

Artissima team has proven to be attentive towards new tendencies, and decided to bet and give room to the new media and hence to the needs of both the publishing industry and the public of contemporary art.

Either as a challenge or as an experiment, ATPdiary partnered with Artissima to coordinate and strengthen the cooperation with five digital magazines. ATPdiary is coordinating and promoting this section, if you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to let us know: [email protected]

Here follows the presentations of the magazines involved:

Art and Signature  
Art and Signature - ArtissimaLive 2015_1


Artdependence Magazine - ArtissimaLive 2015   _1


ATP Diary

ATPdiary ArtissimaLive 2015  _1

Fruit of the Forest

Fruit of the Forest - ArtissimaLive 2015 _1


Terremoto - ArtissimaLive 2015 _1




Elena Bordignon

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