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Questions and Answers | 1 : Ilaria Bonacossa

13 September 2017 Journal News

Artissima Questions and Answers starts today: brief and amusing interviews to learn more about our team, starting from our Director, Ilaria Bonacossa.

When you were a little child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A theatre actress, like Eleonora Duse.

What made you decide to move into art?
Wanting to work in museums – for me the most stimulating places in the world – and the idea of writing art history in its making.

Which historical artist figure would you like to share a drink with and where?
Man Ray in 1968 in Venezia on Peggy Guggenheim’s terrace.

What would you advise a young collector who is just beginning to build his own collection?
To read many art magazines, visit contemporary art galleries and buy something that excites him/her. Tastes evolve and collectors become more sophisticated with time but they need to buy art works and not lists of artists.

An art fair is…
A rhizome that reveals the future developments of contemporary art.

Whats on the rise at Artissima this year?
Drawings and dancing with Arte Povera.

Which is your favorite artbook?
Arte come Mestiere by Bruno Munari.

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