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Artissima launches Disegni an innovative section devoted to drawings

11 April 2017 Journal News

Artissima announces the first edition of Disegni, the new pioneering section of the fair reserved specifically to drawings.

An experimental project in the context of a fair devoted to contemporary art, introducing various radical features in terms of presentation and curatorial vision.

Disegni is intended to celebrate an artistic discipline capable of expressing the immediacy and the process behind the creative gesture, existing in a space suspended between idea and finished work. A discipline that is experiencing a new popularity as means of expression, due to an increasing impact on the market, particularly on young collectors. This new section will offer a sophisticated and challenging exhibition platform, curated by two international curators: Luís Silva and João Mourão directors of Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon.

Disegni is open to all forms of contemporary drawing. The galleries will be selected on the basis of the specific works of the presented artists, that must be created with this medium that, originally associated with paper, is being radically transformed in contemporary practices. 

Through this new section Artissima is pursuing the ambitious goal of further developing its distinctive feature of a cutting-edge international fair, able to forerun artistic tendencies by exploring new paths.

The galleries of this section will be showcased in a specific exhibition area in the Fair, to give even more visibility to the booths and to the artworks presented. The spaces available in this section are about 20 each. 

Il Comitato curatoriale
João Mourão (Alegrete, 1975) and Luís Silva (Lisbon, 1978) are a curatorial duo based in Lisbon, Portugal, where they currently serve as co-directors of Kunsthalle Lissabon, a contemporary art institution they founded in 2009. Besides their curatorial practice, João Mourão and Luís Silva are also contributing editors of art magazines and co-editors of the ongoing book series “Performing the Institution(al)”, addressing recent developments in institutional practice.

Come iscriversi
To apply to the Disegni section please fill in the form at the following link: Deadline is May 13.

Please notice that the deadline for the Main, New Entries, Dialogue, Art Editions and Back to the Future sections is May 13 as well.

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