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#ArtissimaLive | Walkie Talkies – Interview with Abaseh Mirvali

5 Novembre 2017 Journal News

Su ATP Magazine un nuovo approfondimento sulla Fiera della redazione #ArtissimaLive. Abaseh Mirvali racconta Walkie Talkies, uno degli appuntamenti di grande successo per il pubblico di Artissima.


Mattia Solari: intervista a Abaseh Mirvali.


ATP: What are the Walkie Talkies we will see this year during Artissima? Do they share a common thread?

Abaseh Mirvali: Walkie Talkies is an experimental form of walking dialogues. Each Walkie Talkie will be led by two people, most of them a curator/writer and a collector, during the duration of the Fair. When selecting the participants I searched for a diversity of thought, discipline and perspective; as a result, we have a vibrant group of people, many from the Americas, as well from Europe, who will offer their personal and exciting reading of the works of art being exhibited by the participating galleries.


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