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#ArtissimaLive. Thomas Bayrle presents Flying Home

3 Novembre 2016


Artissima, Italy’s most recognized art fair on an international level, returns to Turin for its 23rd edition. As part of the art fair’s comprehensive program, Thomas Bayrle art exhibition Flying Home will be presented as a new and unprecedented parallel project. Realized in collaboration with Torino Airport and curated by Sarah Cosulich, the show will experiment with new models, unexpected places, and different audiences. Specially conceived for the city, this renowned German pop artist will create a site-specific work for Torino Airport’s baggage claim area, transforming it into an unexpected and stimulating exhibition space deeply imbued with meaning. This is the first time Torino Airport is participating as a partner in an art commission, creating a surprising cultural initiative.


airplaneThomas Bayrle – Airplane, 1982-83. Photocollage, 8 x 13,4 cm. Photo Wolfgang Günzel


Thomas Bayrle Art Practice

Considered a pioneer of the German Pop Art Movement, Thomas Bayrle has been creating images since the 1960s that use the same or related smaller pictures, infinitely repeated as units of a whole. For this reason, he is described as a forerunner of digital language before it could have ever been imagined. As a place of transit for thousands of people, the airport is a recurring theme in the artist’s practice and research. Through his work, he reveals the dynamics of our society and a fundamental principle of repetition through exploring the way people move through space, economy, technology, or even religion. Drawing, printing, distorting, cutting and uniting units that eventually make up a whole through the process of “artisanal digitalization”, Bayrle has built images by hand that computers now process automatically.

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