Public days: 3 - 5 novembre 2023

Event Fossil of Experience


An action halfway between a musical performance and an aural archive of the fair, in Fossil Of Experience the artist Nico Vascellari will record the live sounds of the opening, capturing its soundscape, the voices of its protagonists and guests. The various sounds offer a portrait of the fair and its mechanisms, and will be processed and mixed live in the fair’s social room by Rocco Rampino. This live session will lead to the creation of a sound sculpture, a fossil of the experience of Nico Vascellari through the live transfer and pressing, in collaboration with Gang of Ducks, of an LP in PVC, with a length of 15 minutes per side. The use of mobile technology permits immersion in the directly recorded sounds, transforming visitors into active listeners, social witnesses via Facebook of the birth of a contemporary fossil.

In this way, the immersive physical and real yet dreamy and abstract experience of Nico Vascellari, as he roams the spaces of the fair, is transformed into a sound object that reveals how the boundaries between art-music and performance are becoming increasingly blurry. This action activates reflections on the functional mechanisms of the fair, transforming sound into a destabilising agent with respect to the purely visual logics of contemporary art, triggering surprising emotions and reactions capable of transforming space and its perception, to liberate the audience’s imagination.

>> 2 November, fair opening day (upon invitation only)


Thursday 02 November
20.00 - 21.00


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