Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventTonini Editore presents its newest publications

Tonini Editore presents its newest publications


“Rozzo”, a 45 rpm vinyl and booklet by the artists Jacopo Benassi (La Spezia 1970) and Untitled Noise (Michele Lombardelli, Cremona 1968 and Luca Scarabelli, 1965);

“Richard Nonas: collected printed matter 1971-2020” edited by Alex Bacon and Bruno Tonini;

The artist’s book series “Autobiography n.1-13”. Each book is realized by an artist, who is free to carry out the theme of autobiography through visual or textual supports.

Speakers: JACOPO BENASSI (Artist), MICHELE LOMBARDELLI (Artist), LUCA SCARABELLI (Artist), BRUNO TONINI (Scholar, co-founder of L’Arengario S.B.), VALENTINO TONINI (Publisher, founder of Tonini Editore)

Language: Italian


Book Corner


05/11/2022 - 15:00-16:00


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