Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventSpazio Taverna: a transformative place where art meets other worlds

Spazio Taverna: a transformative place where art meets other worlds


The talk is dedicated to the presentation of Spazio Taverna, a project that involves the contamination between contemporary art and other worlds, through transformative experiences and more. Born in 2020 on the initiative of Ludovico Pratesi and Marco Bassan in some rooms of Palazzo Taverna in Rome, which in the seventies hosted the International Art Meetings of Graziella Lonardi, Spazio Taverna proposes a series of fortnightly evenings, where artists, curators , stylists, volcanologists, confectioners, collectors or directors propose individual or collective experiences of a transformative nature, according to some rules, which foresee the contamination between different worlds, even very distant from each other. The founder Ludovico Pratesi (curator and art critic), the fashion historian Clara Tosi Pamphilj, the collector Giuseppe Garrera and the artist Eugenio Tibaldi will be present to tell about Spazio Taverna.

Speakers:  GIUSEPPE GARRERA (Art historian and collector), CLARA TOSI PAMPHILJ (Fashion historian), LUDOVICO PRATESI (Curator), EUGENIO TIBALDI (Artist)

Language: Italian


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05/11/2022 - 14:30-15:30


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