Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventPresentation of Umbigo #82

Presentation of Umbigo #82


Umbigo will present edition number 82 of the magazine, which is both a turn in the editorial plan and the culmination of 20 years of labour in publishing and the art world. Accompanying this informal talk, the directors of the magazine, Elsa Garcia and António Néu, the artist responsible for the covers, the Art Project of this issue, Eugénia Mussa, represented in Artissima by Monitor and Giulia Lamoni responsible for the curatorial project “In my Hard Shell”.

After dedicating the first two editions of 2022 to the complex issues of Nature and Capitalism, Umbigo #82 is now featuring an array of visual essays, texts, interviews and projects about the Patriarchy. Together with the previous themes and the coming number 83 – Colonialism – these are regarded as the four main topics in contemporary politics and constantly present in our daily lives.

Speakers: ELSA GARCIA (Director Umbigo), GIULIA LAMONI (Curator), ANTÓNIO NÉU (Art director Umbigo), EUGÉNIA MUSSA (Artist)

Language: English

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