Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventGiulio Paolini – O.D.E. Einaudi’s glasses

Giulio Paolini – O.D.E. Einaudi’s glasses


The publication, edited by Musketeers, traces the long personal and working relationship progressively established between Giulio Paolini and Giulio Einaudi starting from the artist’s first monograph, baptized Idem, published by the Turin publishing house in 1975, up to the book O.D.E. that Paolini dedicates to Einaudi on the occasion of the centenary of his birth in 2012. The volume, published on the occasion of the exhibition-tribute to Giulio Paolini and Giulio Einaudi which opens on October 30 at the Castello di Perno, in Monforte d’Alba, is curated by Paolo Repetto and The Musketeers with contributions of Andrea Cortellessa, Malcolm Einaudi, Claudio Pavese, Francesco Poli and Gianni Schiavon.

Speakers: GREGORIO GITTI (Castello di Perno and Fondazione Mancini Carini), FRANCESCO POLI (Art historian), PAOLO REPETTO (Art historian) and GIANNI SCHIAVON (Art historian & Musketeers)

Language: Italian


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