Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventFlavio Favelli, I Maestri Serie Oro

Flavio Favelli, I Maestri Serie Oro


Flavio Favelli. I Maestri Serie Oro, VIAINDUSTRIAE Publishing, 2022, edited by Elena Volpato, brings back to book form a Favelli work composed of 278 monograph booklets of the well-known series I Maestri del Colore published by Fratelli Fabbri Editori, released in Italian newsstands between 1963 and 1967. This was a major cultural phenomenon that revolutionized the publishing market during the economic boom in Italy. Flavio Favelli worked on each covers, interacting with their formal elegance and their balance between the graphic design and photographic style of the painting details. He used golden Ferrero Rocher wrappers to conceal the faces of the portraits, the anecdotal scenes, some sections of paintings where the human figure stands out, where the gaze in the paintings seems to search for an answer or understanding in the eyes of the viewer. Favelli brings the reproductions of these major works of art to a state of impenetrability, almost of closed sacredness: it is a gesture that combines attention to iconoclasm, almost as if a renewal of significance were necessary for images that are perhaps too well-known, even too suggestive in their well-earned emblemicity.

Speakers: FLAVIO FAVELLI (Artist), STEFANO CHIODI (Critic and Art Historian), ELENA VOLPATO (Museum Curator and Art Critic)

Language: italiano


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05/11/2022 - 17:00-18:00


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