Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventFeminism and women artists in Italy. For a non-hegemonic reinterpretation of the History of Art

Feminism and women artists in Italy. For a non-hegemonic reinterpretation of the History of Art


The book Women Artists and Feminism in Italy. For an Anti-Hegemonic Reinterpretation of Art History frames the development of a feminist art as a historical and common project elaborated by each artist on the basis of more or less structured consciousnesses and coherences. Among the paths that can be traced by geographic, temporal or stylistic proximity, we sought to identify a trail that ties together the practices of women artists who have worked in Italy from the early post-war period to the present, from which emerge aesthetic-political articulations that have made art a field of subjectivation, letting social, urban, ecological and feminist aspirations emerge as radical as they are removed. This account of a History of Art different from how it’s narrated in school textbooks is an attempt, certainly not exhaustive, to trace a path filtered through the lens of feminism and a militancy that nowadays is trans feminist, queer and ecological. It is the investigation of a creativity observed from a non-hegemonic point of view aimed at opening channels that, together with the exhibitions and the insights operated in the field of gender studies, can continue to transmit and modernize the voices of those who for centuries have not been heard.

Speakers: LAURA CHERUBINI (Art critic, curator and art Historian) e PAOLA UGOLINI (Critic and curator)

Language: Italian


Description of the photo:  Marinella Senatore It’s time to go back to street, 2019, graphite and charcoal on paper; © Marinella Senatore and Galleria Mazzoleni, courtesy of.


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