Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

EventA SUD



The project A Sud stems from Artissima’s desire to highlight the activity of art foundations and institutions based in the southern areas and islands of Italy, to contribute to reinforce the focus on the Mediterranean as a place of artistic growth and an incubator of new creative outlooks. The foundations taking part in the A Sud project are Fondazione Merz@ZACentrale, Fondazione Oelle and Fondazione Paul Thorel, which during the course of the talk will narrate their experiences of support, and their contribution to develop new art projects in their geographical contexts.

At the conclusion of the talk, the two awards “ad occhi chiusi…” of Fondazione Merz and ISOLA SICILIA 2022 of Fondazione Oelle will be assigned.

Speakers:  GUIDO COSTA (President of the board Paul Thorel Foundation Napoli), ORNELLA LANERI (President of Fondazione Oelle Mediterraneo Antico), BEATRICE MERZ (President of Fondazione Merz Torino, Palermo), CARMELO NICOSIA (Diretctor ofFondazione Oelle Mediterraneo Antico)

Language: Italian


Book Corner


05/11/2022 - 17:30-18:30


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